Living Traditions Festival

Today we went to the Living Traditions Festival in downtown Salt Lake.

This was our master plan for the day, and we stuck to it:

- Walk over from my place

- Stuff our faces full of delicious delicious food

- Stuff some more food in our faces

- Walk back to my place, collapse on couch for two hours

This festival celebrates the traditional cultures of the many people (native and immigrant) that have made Salt Lake their home. The festival includes arts and crafts and music and dance and, of course, food.

Our approach was to come to the event STARVING. We were checking out everyone's plate as we walked over to the food area and getting very excited. Then we walked up and down, checking out each booth before we made our decisions. While there were some tactical errors (I still wish I would have picked something different than my Lebanese chicken sandwich...), we discovered some YUMMY treats:

  • Churros from the Utah Basque Club. These were small and delicate Churros. Kind of like a Churro meets a French Fry. We ate 3 orders.

  • Otai from the Tongan Singers of Utah. This was a yummy beverage made with fresh watermelon juice, fresh pineapple juice, chunks of watermelon, pineapple and coconut and coconut milk. It was thirst quenching and refreshing and FRESH and was better sipped than through a straw, but it wasn't exactly chunky. Hard to describe, but delicious nonetheless.

  • Pupusas and Tamales from the Fraternidad Salvadorena. Pupusas are like little cornmeal pancakes stuffed full of cheese or cheese and beans. SO GOOD.

  • Chicken Kabobs with three kinds of sauces from the Pakistani American Association.

  • Fry bread with raspberry honey butter and cinnamon from the Indian walk in center.

  • Iced Coffee from the Italian American Civic League. We also sampled some yummy lemon Italian Cookies while we waited for our iced coffees. MMMMmmmmm.
Yes, there were just 4 of us. Unfortunately we didn't discover any cuisine that would put Janaan into labor. And despite our best efforts to try everything, our bellies got too full to check out the Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Oh well, there is always next year!!


a bunch of BS said...

I love pupusas! You made my mouth water just mentioning them...