e.l.f's Beauty Secret of the Week

I recently discovered the "beauty secret of the week" on the e.l.f. website. Some of the hints are new to me and I'm a big collector of these type of tips. It's fun to go through them and see if you learn something new.

Smell Good Longer - To keep your perfume smelling good longer, mix a bit of it in with your moisturizer and apply!

Burning Scalp - If your beautician is using bleach and it burns your scalp (or usually does), ask them to put one packet of the pink stuff (Sweet n Low) in the mixture. No more burning and it does not affect the coloring!

Cleaning Brushes - Use the vacuum, yes the vacuum to clean your brushes! Hold them tight (so you don't vacuum them up!) and close to the open end of the vacuum hose, then let it clean and fluff your brushes! Works great!

Visit eyeslipsface.com for more fun tips!