Put It In Your Pocket, Mrs. Mudge...

For some reason, this is our favorite line from the movie Annie. We always put on our stern Daddy Warbucks face and pout our lips when we say it. Sometimes we say it when we give something to someone to put in their pocket, sometimes it will just appear out of nowhere.

ANYWAY, last weekend Eliza came over and we watched Annie. I hadn't seen this movie in probably 15 years. I would highly recommend another viewing as an adult. One, because it's charming and two, because the clothes are FABULOUS!

First we have Miss Hannigan, bitter orphanage caretaker:

Miss Hannigan's wardrobe is full of dainty earrings, layered necklaces, negligees, kimono robes and an ever present glass/bottle of homemade gin.

Then we have the fabulous Grace Farrell, personal secretary to Oliver Warbucks (not Oliver Warbucks the millionaire, Oliver Warbucks, the BILLIONAIRE). She is the consummate professional in her hats, gloves and suits, but always with a feminine detail like a bow or a ruffle or a soft touch of color.

Daddy Warbucks is ALWAYS dressed to the nines, even in the swimming pool. And he is a man of impeccable taste - sending Ms. Farrell to Tiffany to buy Annie a new locket.

I secretly want one of these caps that the Rockettes wear...

And finally we have Annie. I love her little dresses throughout the movie, worn with frilly bobby socks and patent leather Mary Jane shoes.

I have been thinking about these clothes for the last two days. I might just grab myself a bottle of gin and head out to the vintage clothing store.


Kate said...

Last time I watched Annie I cried. Several times. I'm not ashamed to admit it.