Bib Necklaces

I am really into Giant-Gaudy-Costume y-Mrs. Roper-esque bib necklaces right now. Who What Wear Daily says Bib Necklaces had a major presence in the season's shows.

I love that Fashion design icon Vera Wang has a signature style that she rarely deviates from and it includes BIG jewelry. She said on Oprah, "They look a lot more expensive than they are. It has a lot of effect and you don't have to really wear anything else. I think the whole point of jewelry is to lighten your face and to add another texture and another dimension to what you're wearing. The larger the piece, the less you need."

I currently only own two necklaces that would fit this description, but I am looking to add a lot more. I found this great Ebay seller who has tons of necklaces that would work for this trend. He calls them "drag queen necklaces." How great is that? Isn't it every girl's dream to look like a drag queen?