I can see the whites of yer eyes......arrrg.....

One thing I have tried not to notice about getting older is my bloodshot eyes. I chalk part of it up to my wicked allergies, but I think as you age you get more and more red in the eyeballs.

I was reading in a magazine about Alcon Naphcon A Eye Drops. The quote that caught my "eye" (ha ha) was "They make you feel like you've slept hours, even when you haven't." I thought I would really like that because I'm always saying "my eyes are burning".

I marched right down to my local Walmart and bought the drops (about $7). I used them the next morning and I don't know if I felt like I had slept hours, but wow I had never seen my eyes so white! I looked like I took off 30 years! Although it's temporary (re-apply in 4 hours), I think I will use them the next time I get a picture taken. Or, just when I need some magic sleep!