Bald Guy Greetings

Most of the cool stuff I do, say, buy, etc. originates from Janaan. I give her credit where credit is due (mostly). Anyway, last year, Janaan gave Mom this birthday card from Bald Guy Greetings:

I love a card that makes me laugh. Janaan had promised an awesome card to top call cards for Mom's birthday and didn't disappoint. Everyone at the birthday dinner passed the card around and read it and laughed and laughed. Then we went home and got on the Bald Guy greetings website. Mom, Janaan and I spent the next hour looking at every single card on the website. We were laughing so hard that I had a total coughing fit and had to pop a cough drop or two. I may have even been lizzed a bit (What?? still not watching 30 Rock? Tsk tsk...).

I subsequently purchased the complete Bald Guy greetings boxed set. And I used Bald Guy for my Christmas greetings this year (when it's just you and a dog, it's a bit sad to send out one of those picture cards, no?).

I actually have a hard time giving out these cards. First, every time I go to the boxed set to pick out just the right card for my occasion I find myself reading all of the cards, laughing, lizzing and ending in a coughing fit. So it's a little time consuming. And then I have to determine if the recipient of the card is awesome enough to appreciate it as much as I do, because I do not let these little gems fall into the hands of just anyone. And then I have to deal with the heart break of giving the card away. Sniff.

What's that you're saying? Maybe I should just buy an extra boxed set just for me to keep forever and ever and ever? Yes, that is a great idea because these cards will never stop being funny.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go straight to and buy some cards. Seriously. Do it.


Jodi Palmer said...

These are hilarious! I laughed so hard I almost threw up ;)

Kate said...

Holy crap! I just lizzed a little too! I just read them all and was choking i was laughing so hard. I am definitely buying a lot of them. Thank you!!