Winder Dairy

I think it may be time for me to start getting my milk delivered by Winder Farms. My husband drinks it at a rate that is difficult for me to keep up with, so we are constantly out of milk. It would be nice to have it delivered right to my door every week.

But what is the real clincher for me? Not only is their milk all-natural with NO artificial growth hormones, it's now offered in old-fashioned glass bottles. I love throwbacks to the past.


Stina said...

I LOVE winder dairy! my mom used to get that delivered to our house. ahhh memories. thanks for bringing me back home :)

Michelle said...

Also, it's just plain good. On the rare occasion that we run out of Winder milk before our delivery day and I pick up a half-gallon from the store, none of us even wants to drink it! We are so spoiled by Winder.

zobars said...

wow I wish we had this facility in our town. I am such a big fan of milk in glass bottles. It saves so much of plastic and I love to see those chefs use the milk from glass bottles on Food network too.