Valentine Gifts for Him

Why not thrill your significant other this Valentine’s Day with a gift that’s a bit offbeat? This year we came up with a few different ideas of items that are unique and are a bit of fun too, because Valentines Day shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Give a coupon. It's fun for both of you!

Rather than give the handy man in your life regular tools, let him wear his skills on his sleeve with these cufflinks.

Keep his money secure in this wallet. You never know when you're going to need to borrow some.

Save the planet by using these aluminum water bottles. They are perfect size to take with you and they're so sweet (yet SO manly) in red.

Skull boxer briefs. Bomchikawawa!!

These magnetic collar stays will keep him looking sharp when he takes you out for a night on the town. So much more interesting than the plastic ones.

This is perfect for the obsessive compulsive traveler.

This book is seriously hilarious.

Now he can look tough even when he's hurt.

This mug is intimidating.


Lindsey said...

You saved my life! I just bought the gun mugs for Cody - He is out of town till next week so hopefully they will ship by then. Thanks so much for the great ideas!