Love to Hate Ulta

We recently had an Ulta store open in our fair city. I was excited because we don't have a Sephora and Ulta would be a nice alternative. And it is - sort of. It's a big bright store with lots of cool beauty and hair stuff. But, it seems every time I go there they are out of whatever I'm looking to buy.

Yesterday, I came armed with at list from InStyle magazine - a list compiled by InStyle where all the products were supposedly available at Ulta. Most of them weren't in the store, so I only was able to pick up one item.

A purse size dcnl boar porcupine brush discounted from $16.99 to $11.38 with my $5.00 off coupon (available in many magazines) total $6.38!

(Always look for their coupons in magazines and newspapers, because their prices are not usually discounted at all.)

A favorite item from Ulta that I use everyday are these Conair Clips for hot curlers. They make my morning routine of hot curlers so easy and hold your hair perfectly (unlike the wire kind that come with the curlers). They are well worth the money and with coupons, really worth it! You will need a couple of packages.

Conair Curler Clips - $9.99

Yesterday, while looking for everything I wanted to buy, some of the staff were helpful and I appreciate that, but the checkout was long because my item did not scan at the right price and the clerk's "code" to fix it did not work and she had to find her manager - who, unlike some other store employees, was in no hurry to help. It was awkward and annoying to hold up the whole line while she sauntered up to the front of the store.

So in conclusion I love Ulta, but it kinda bugs me too. Here's hoping for a better experience and more product available in store next time!


Ashley said...

Did someone just say "coupon?"