Limited Edition Junior Mints Pastels

Run don't walk to your nearest store and buy up Limited Edition Junior Mints Pastels - it's like a combination of Junior Mints and Hickory Farms Melt Away Mints. I bought this size box and polished it off in 20 minutes!

Love to Hate Ulta

We recently had an Ulta store open in our fair city. I was excited because we don't have a Sephora and Ulta would be a nice alternative. And it is - sort of. It's a big bright store with lots of cool beauty and hair stuff. But, it seems every time I go there they are out of whatever I'm looking to buy.

Yesterday, I came armed with at list from InStyle magazine - a list compiled by InStyle where all the products were supposedly available at Ulta. Most of them weren't in the store, so I only was able to pick up one item.

A purse size dcnl boar porcupine brush discounted from $16.99 to $11.38 with my $5.00 off coupon (available in many magazines) total $6.38!

(Always look for their coupons in magazines and newspapers, because their prices are not usually discounted at all.)

A favorite item from Ulta that I use everyday are these Conair Clips for hot curlers. They make my morning routine of hot curlers so easy and hold your hair perfectly (unlike the wire kind that come with the curlers). They are well worth the money and with coupons, really worth it! You will need a couple of packages.

Conair Curler Clips - $9.99

Yesterday, while looking for everything I wanted to buy, some of the staff were helpful and I appreciate that, but the checkout was long because my item did not scan at the right price and the clerk's "code" to fix it did not work and she had to find her manager - who, unlike some other store employees, was in no hurry to help. It was awkward and annoying to hold up the whole line while she sauntered up to the front of the store.

So in conclusion I love Ulta, but it kinda bugs me too. Here's hoping for a better experience and more product available in store next time!

It's A Steal! Baby Steals

If you have a baby, are expecting a baby, or need to get a gift for someone, you must check out Baby Steals. This site sells one quality baby or maternity product every day at 50-80% off until it sells out. Today I picked up these Not Sox by Baby Legs that have adorable whales all over them. And I've also purchased the Rose Cowgirl print stroller blanket, burp cloth and bib set from Dwell. Both products were over 60% off the original price.

Be aware, they only have one steal a day that starts at 9am MST and they sell out fast.

Flower Jewelry Trends

In Style magazine featured 50's style "Old Lady Chic" jewelry pieces in their current issue. We immediately fell in love with them and noticed that good ole' Target was featuring fashion jewelry designer Erickson Beamon pieces from February 15 to June 26. His stuff is the right style and price point for this new trend.
Erickson Beamon for Target - Flower, Heart, Ladybug Link Bracelet- 8" - $29.99

Jeweled Flower Ring - $29.99

Rose & Chain Earrings - $19.99

Black Flower Pendant Necklace 36" - $29.99

Earring Organization

Moving into our new house presented a problem. I wasn't sure how to organize all of my jewelry now that my space was more limited than when I lived at home. (The downside of sharing with someone else now.) Luckily, my closet in our new house was a bit deep and had room for a rolling drawer rack.

I read an old article in Real Simple magazine that recommended using ice cube trays to organize earrings. It was the perfect solution! A quick trip to the Dollar Store got me everything I needed. And now my earrings are easy to find.


Image found via Le Love

Words To Live By

"I have a renewed commitment to elegance, she said, in case you think I'm just spending money for the fun of it."

Valentine Gifts for Him

Why not thrill your significant other this Valentine’s Day with a gift that’s a bit offbeat? This year we came up with a few different ideas of items that are unique and are a bit of fun too, because Valentines Day shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Give a coupon. It's fun for both of you!

Rather than give the handy man in your life regular tools, let him wear his skills on his sleeve with these cufflinks.

Keep his money secure in this wallet. You never know when you're going to need to borrow some.

Save the planet by using these aluminum water bottles. They are perfect size to take with you and they're so sweet (yet SO manly) in red.

Skull boxer briefs. Bomchikawawa!!

These magnetic collar stays will keep him looking sharp when he takes you out for a night on the town. So much more interesting than the plastic ones.

This is perfect for the obsessive compulsive traveler.

This book is seriously hilarious.

Now he can look tough even when he's hurt.

This mug is intimidating.

Winter White

I have a difficult time deciphering what is a "Want" and what is a "Need."

Currently, as I am looking at the white wool coat I am wearing and seeing the all of the balls that have pilled up on it, I am thinking that I "Need" a new Winter White coat. Because let's face it, I'm not really going to spend the time to go over th entire thing and shave them all off am I? Not when there are other coats and great deals to be had. So I've decided that at the end of the season I am going to buy a new one. Here a few options I am looking at:

Double-breasted ruffle coat

Plush swing coat

The Art of Edward Gorey

My good friend Christina introduced me to author and illustrator Edward Gorey during a trip to NYC many years ago. Edward Gorey is famous for ghoulish events that happen to small children. His little books are filled with intricate drawings of ill tidings upon unsuspecting youth. While some of his stories may be a little macabre, I love these little books. Some of my favorites include The Gashlycrumb Tinies and Cautionary Tales for Children.

Ridiculous Purchases

I can't help it. I love these headbands so much, I had to buy one...or two.

Winder Dairy

I think it may be time for me to start getting my milk delivered by Winder Farms. My husband drinks it at a rate that is difficult for me to keep up with, so we are constantly out of milk. It would be nice to have it delivered right to my door every week.

But what is the real clincher for me? Not only is their milk all-natural with NO artificial growth hormones, it's now offered in old-fashioned glass bottles. I love throwbacks to the past.

Ask The Cheaping Girls: Lori's Shoes in Chicago


Once again, apologies on being so behind on our questions!!

This is from my friend Kim:

"I am not sure when you are going to Chicago - or if you have already been - but I just got some great info. about a hot shopping spot in Chicago. On Armitage street near Lincoln Park they have a shoe store called Lori's and I guess it is famous for Milano's and Choo's for 80 bucks! I have heard several times that shopping on Armitage is amazing and so much fun."

We DID in fact stop in at Lori's shoes when we were in Chicago. First we prepared for an afternoon of shopping by stuffing ourselves full of Lou Malnati's pizza. YUM. I could go for a slice right now...but I digress...

Here is our overall assessment of Lori's - it was very very much like DSW. We didn't find anything mind-blowing on that day, but if you were able to check back there on a regular basis we felt like there could be some great bargains to be had. Lori's carries quality brands and cute styles but although everything was discounted it was still fairly pricey (i.e. Frye Boots marked down from $350 to $275). Sadly, no $80 Choos. Lori's is definitely worth a stop if you're in Chicago and if you live there, it's worth popping in on a regular basis.

On a personal note, I thought that Armitage was the best shopping in Chicago. Yes, the Magnificent Mile is magnificent, but Armitage has a great neighborhood feeling and the right combination of boutiques, brand name stores, and little cafes and eateries. It had the same vibe as the 9th and 9th / Sugarhouse areas in Salt Lake, Fillmore/Hayes Valley/Union Street areas in San Francisco, or Uptown/Mockingbird Lane areas in Dallas.


We're Cukoo for Bukoos (OK, Cukoo-ish...)

On Saturday we finally made our way up to Bukoos. I don't know how we heard about it, all I know is that Mom and Janaan said that they'd pick me up at 10:30 and they were totally on time and looking so so cute and I was of course totally running late and my hair was wet and I did my make-up in the car and was in a shame spiral about my outfit...but I guess that's all beside the point...

How do I describe Bukoos? It's weird. It has EVERYTHING. It's cleaner than NPS (another local shopping haunt). It's a Cheaping Girls dream...well dream-ish.

Why do I say dream-ish?? Well, we found out that Bukoos is shutting down in March. So if you live in Salt Lake you have a month to trek up to Farmington to check this place out. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go straight to Bukoos.

Like all of the places we shop, Bukoos has insane good deals, but definite drawbacks:

Insane Good Deals

- FAUCETS for $60 - $100!! In addition to the kitchen faucet that we all bought, I also bought a GORGEOUS faucet for my bathroom.

- Cutest Ed Hardy Skull T-Shirt EVER for $35 (KK, I know you hate Ed Hardy, and for the most part I agree with you on this point, but I think you would approve of this shirt)

- A long long DKNY puffy coat for $60. It's kind of a "Mom-Coat" (no offense to Mom's out know what I mean, right?) but I've been looking for something like this all winter for taking Lucy out in the middle of the night to go wee. Now I can be in my PJ's and NO ONE will ever know. HA HA HA HA HA! (Insert evil laugh here.)

- Via Spiga shoes for $10.

- A Weaver brand horse bit for $7. The MWM is a 'Tack Man' and we bought it for him as kind of a joke, but he said it's probably worth about $50.

- Oakley Snow Goggles for $60. Now I have everything I need to start snowboarding, which probably means I won't go for a couple of seasons.

- This lovely beaded light fixture for Janaan's nursery for $27. YES!! $27!! It's $89.99 on

And those are just a few things we couldn't live with out. Yes, I know, in the Suze Orman sense of the word we could have lived without all of these things. BUT...well....I digress...

Definite Drawbacks

- Customer service is AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. It's hard to find someone that works there, and when you do, they are not very friendly or helpful.

- If there is no price tag on an item, they will not sell it to you.

- There aren't enough shopping carts. When we arrived all of the shopping carts were taken and we had to sit at the end of the check stand and stalk people until we could grab one. And they don't have cart returns in the parking lot.

- Their pricing system takes some getting used to. Basically each tag has a different color, each color represents a different discount level. When the item arrives it is tagged at the lowest discount (40%) The longer the item has been there, the steeper the discount gets. Depending on what day you're there, the discount level associated with that color changes. There are four possible wheels to choose from. It's mildly amusing until you've been in there for 90 minutes and you're hot and thirsty and hungry and your cart is overflowing and you can't get down the aisles and you have to pull out #$%! paper for like the 50th time to see what red means that day.

Bukoos has regular auctions at their Salt Lake City warehouse (this is where items with no price tag go) and this is where they will be sending all of the inventory when the Farmington store closes.

We're only aware of this location, but we've heard that there is one somewhere near Las Vegas too.


1313 North Highway 89

Farmington ~ Utah ~ 84025


Note: Bukoos is closed on Sunday and Monday and is only open until 3:00 PM on Friday.

I Like You

Last year I gave my mom and sisters this small little book for Valentine's Day. It is very very sweet.

Necessary Purchases

We all tend to buy the same things. It's really too bad that our feet are different sizes or else we could really save some money. But our multiple buying isn't exclusive to clothing and shoes. This weekend all three of us purchased the same faucet.

During these times, should one be buying new faucets when the current one is fine and functioning properly? No...but when you find a $500 faucet marked down to $60, how can you resist? Especially when it is the EXACT faucet you've been dreaming about ever since seeing the gorgeous house in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

(Not the best picture but you can kind of see the faucet in the left hand corner up by the window.)