Winter Moisturizer Musts - From Head to Toe

I know, I know, all of my posts lately have been about my dry skin. But, during these harsh winter months, it is the bane of my existence and a constant battle. So, in case anyone else out there is like me, here are the products I cannot live without, and the reason why I'll never ever be able to fit all of my liquids and gels into a quart size bag for air travel.

For My Hands: Bag Balm
No, it's not just a clever name, this product is indeed designed to keep cows udders from becoming cracked in the winter. I've figured out that my Super Glue trick does not work for cracks on my knuckles. (Oh yeah, I have cracks on my knuckles too). But if I am vigilant about keeping a layer of Bag Balm on my knuckles all day, and slathering it on under cotton gloves at night, the cracks will eventually heal. This is the only product that works and has proven to be better than my prescription creams. Bag Balm has been around over 100 years and is available in big tins at pet supply stores and drug stores and in super cute tiny tins at Anthropologie.
This is a great all-around moisturizer, but I use this on my face during the winter after I apply my acne creams. It's super moisturizing but not greasy. The only downside is that this doesn't contain SPF, so make sure that your foundation has that angle covered.

When I am feeling a little indulgent I love love love to use C.O. Bigelow's Lemon Body Cream. It is super moisturizing but not greasy (notice a theme here?) and the fresh lemon scent is divine. I love the C.O. Bigelow Lemon Moisturizing Lip Balm as well. It tastes like candy...but I digress. I found GIGANTIC tubs of the body cream at C.O. Bigelow in Chicago for $49.50, and even better they were buy two get one free so I didn't feel so bad about my purchase (except they were so big I had to ship them home). The packaging is very pretty too. This is not something you'd be embarrassed to keep out on your counter top at all times.

For everyday body moisturizing I use Curel.

And when I say I use Curel, I mean I really use it. I go through one large bottle about every two weeks. I strongly prefer unscented Curel (in fact, with the sole exception of the C.O. Bigelow Lemon Body Cream, all of my moisturizers are unscented. They're less harsh and that way you can layer on a scent later with perfume if you'd like.) Curel Original Formula is a good second choice if they're out of unscented (and they often are).

For My Feet: Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

It's just as important to keep your feet up in the winter as it is in the summer, at least for me. When I get out of the shower I always have a pair of cotton socks handy. I slather on plain old Vaseline petroleum jelly and put on the socks while I get ready. The socks keep the moisture in and keep the Vaseline from getting all over the floor. Vaseline is cheap and works better than any spa-grade product I have purchased. You can even get the big tubs at dollar stores. For travel, I recommend buying the tiny Vaseline tubs over the squeeze bottles, as the squeeze bottles tend to be difficult (read: they tend to leak on airplanes).

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose

And, I can't forget the fabulous Aquaphor. Good for all of those little nooks and crannies - around your eyes at night, in the little cracks of your nose when you've been on a winter-cold-induced Kleenex bender, on your lips and even under your ear lobes. Yep, my skin cracks there too.


Kim said...

MY youngest daughter has your skin I think......I have been using bag balm, aquaphor, cetaphil, etc. since she was a newborn. Her pediatrician here is amazing, and as long as I am consistent....her skin doesn't crack and bleed....I off to get some of the C.O. Bigelow cream.....we need a little scent in our unscented!