Specialty Finishes and Faux Painting

Mom was the first to discover venetian plaster (a finishing technique using thin layers of plaster and burnished to create a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture) and Alek House of The Zander Company.

If you are looking to add a little drama to a room or want to paint a room in a bold color, venetian plaster is a gorgeous option.

Since Mom's initial discovery, all of the Cheaping Girls (and even the MWM) have worked with The Zander Company. Alek has a eye for color and detail and does absolutely beautiful work. We are all looking forward to our next project with The Zander Company: Janaan's Nursery!

In addition to Venetian Plaster The Zander Company also specializes in:

  • Metallic Effects (any paintable surface can be made to look like weathered copper or iron)

  • Wood Grain Faux Finishes (make a metal garage door look like a wood garage door)

  • Glazed Finishes

  • Epoxy Flooring (great for a garage or storage area)

  • Concrete Staining and Faux Stone

See more of The Zander Company's work at www.thezandercompany.com.