I Can't Live Without...

...Rimmel Vinyl Lip Brilliant High Shine, Long Lasting Lip Gloss 115

a.k.a. Snog
As I was going about my day I noticed that I have five, yes five, tubes of this lip gloss in active rotation. One in my travel make-up bag. One in my regular make-up bag. One in my laptop bag. One in my handbag. And a new one on reserve, just in case I run out on a major holiday or in a foreign land or something. I love this gloss (which Mom actually discovered). It's not too sticky. It lasts as long as a gloss can be expected to last. It is a nice tiny boost of color without being TOO much of a boost. It works great on top of or mixed with other colors. And it's only $3.99 and you can pick it up at Wal-Mart.
Here is a picture of me after I put it on:

J/K everybody. J/K. The gorgeous Kate Moss is the face of Rimmel. But putting on this gloss DOES make me look at myself in the mirror and shrug my shoulders and think 'Huh. Yep. I look better with a little bit of color on my lips.'