Etsy Alchemy

Janaan has been all over the Etsy scene for a while. For those of you that might not be familiar with Etsy, it's an online marketplace where people can sell their handmade and vintage goods.

Recently I discovered Etsy's Alchemy feature. I can't tell you why, because it's a surprise for one of The Cheaping Girls. But here is the overview:
Alchemy is a space on Etsy where buyers can post requests for custom items. Sellers then bid on the opportunity to make the item and win the sale. It's your opportunity to collaborate with a crafter or artisan to get exactly what you're seeking. Buyers can even make private requests to a specific seller within a shop.
So, if you are looking to have a custom, handmade gift made or if you have artistic/crafty skills (which I obviously don't), check out Etsy.
While I can't give specifics I can say that I had an idea in my head, I had no idea how to do it myself or how to go about finding someone to do it. I stumbled upon this feature of Etsy, posted my request and within 24 hours had chosen someone to work with and now it is in progress! I'll follow-up with everyone when it is done!


Jill said...

oh great tip. thanks.

and thanks for the link to the carafe janaan!