Big Happenings at the "Walmarts"

I popped-in to the Walmarts today for some much needed but random stuff. When I came in the door the feeling in the air was strange. Quiet. And then there was yelling from a man who did not sound totally right. I thought "Maybe someone is having a seizure or attack of some kind..."  As I passed the check stands I could see a man face down on the floor with a security guard standing over him.

I've had some self defense training and my gut told me "Just back out the door and drive away." But my shopping gene told me "You need hangers and mascara." Shopping won.

By the time I checked out there were seven cop cars and many law enforcement types taking care of the situation. Attempted robbery at the pharmacy. Of course the root of all crime. Drugs.

I felt happy to live in a country or at least an area that responds to quickly to crime. I felt bad about not doing what I should have because this guy could have had friends in the store with weapons or whatever.

But hey I found this great To the Max - Women's 3/4 Sleeve Double Breasted Trench coat for $9.00.


zobars said...

I am going there tomorrow to see what I can find.

Erin Bassett said...

"But my shopping gene told me "You need hangers and mascara." Shopping won."

-Love that line!!! Glad you were safe & are now stocked up! :)