Ask The Cheaping Girls: Lori's Shoes in Chicago


Once again, apologies on being so behind on our questions!!

This is from my friend Kim:

"I am not sure when you are going to Chicago - or if you have already been - but I just got some great info. about a hot shopping spot in Chicago. On Armitage street near Lincoln Park they have a shoe store called Lori's and I guess it is famous for Milano's and Choo's for 80 bucks! I have heard several times that shopping on Armitage is amazing and so much fun."

We DID in fact stop in at Lori's shoes when we were in Chicago. First we prepared for an afternoon of shopping by stuffing ourselves full of Lou Malnati's pizza. YUM. I could go for a slice right now...but I digress...

Here is our overall assessment of Lori's - it was very very much like DSW. We didn't find anything mind-blowing on that day, but if you were able to check back there on a regular basis we felt like there could be some great bargains to be had. Lori's carries quality brands and cute styles but although everything was discounted it was still fairly pricey (i.e. Frye Boots marked down from $350 to $275). Sadly, no $80 Choos. Lori's is definitely worth a stop if you're in Chicago and if you live there, it's worth popping in on a regular basis.

On a personal note, I thought that Armitage was the best shopping in Chicago. Yes, the Magnificent Mile is magnificent, but Armitage has a great neighborhood feeling and the right combination of boutiques, brand name stores, and little cafes and eateries. It had the same vibe as the 9th and 9th / Sugarhouse areas in Salt Lake, Fillmore/Hayes Valley/Union Street areas in San Francisco, or Uptown/Mockingbird Lane areas in Dallas.