Tis the Season for Giving

This year for Christmas, my husband and I are trying something new. We are starting a tradition that I hope we can carry through all of our future Christmas’ together.

After being inspired by this post over at Stephmodo, I realized how much I tend to focus the “things” I want for Christmas, rather than the spirit of the season and the real meaning of Christmas. So, in order to spend less and give more thoughtful gifts, we are now only going to give four to each other:

Something You WANT

Something You NEED

Something To WEAR

Something To READ

Each gift will have the appropriate tag attached. I plan to make the tags in festive Christmas colors.

This idea has me really excited for the season and I hope that since it’s clearly laid out, my husband can get his shopping done before December 24th this year.

Here is what is currently on my wish list -

Want - Jennifer Behr Victorian crystal and silk satin headwrap

Need - Canon Digital Rebel XTi

Wear - Victoria's Secret Flannel Girlfriend Pajamas - (Currently on sale for $29.50!)

Read - Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook: The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home


Kate said...

What a fantastic idea!! I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Chad and Amy said...

I love that idea, we may have to do it too, if you don't mind!

Kris said...

Brilliant idea! I'm inspired to try that too. Thanks for sharing.

I have Martha's book and love it. Thanks to clever Martha I can actually fold a fitted sheet properly.