Introducing the Bibbie!

Anyone with a baby or child, or who know someone with a baby or child needs to know about Bibbies.

The bibbie is a fashionable and functional alternative to a typical bib. It’s a bib that really covers and protects your kids clothes. It was first designed and used by our most wonderful hairdresser’s Mom in 1952. She came up with it in order to safeguard her daughter's frilly Sunday dresses.

We love its vintage style, updated with modern and fun fabrics. These are adorable on babies, toddlers and even small kids.Bibbies are useful, functional and designed to wear during mealtime, snack time, craft time, playtime or anytime. AND, right now they are having a fabulous sale for the holidays - 20% off. This would be a great gift for Christmas or baby showers or anytime. And since I’m expecting a little girl this Spring, I’ll definitely be picking one up for myself!


Kristi said...

Congrats on the beautiful baby to come! How could she be anything but beautiful with a mom like you! I had heard you were expecting, but didn't know it was a girl. Yea!! I may have to pick me up some of these Bibbies. With a house full of girls it may be a necessity! Thanks for the tip! Good luck with everything.

Kelly said...

Congrats Janaan! That is so exciting. I wouldn't even know what to do with a girl. LUCKY you!!! Good luck with everything. You'll be a great mom!

Marni said...

I am excited to hear all your fashion tips on babies. I just wish you had them eight years ago when I started needing them. And not to mention the girl stuff is so fun and cute compared to my options:). I have a pict on my blog with Drew in your vest you gave him. Can't wait to see you!

Amanda, Jared and Camden said...

Janaan! I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats! I'm so excited for you. You are just going to go crazy with all the cute girl stuff, I know it!

Bethany said...

Oh the three of you ladies are just going to go crazy with Janaan's little one. I'm sure she will be the best dressed baby in all the land.

The bibby looks super cute but is defintely better for after your baby has started learning how to eat, like 8/9 months. When they are first starting, you need a bib with plastic that you can just wipe down. Otherwise you'd be throwing that bibby in the wash after every meal with how much food doesn't get in their mouth :)

Btw- Nat, have you seen Amy's baby yet? Are you going to be out in the Bay Area anytime soon?