Dry Skin Remedy

You're all familiar with my dry skin woes. But what you might not know is that my hands are not only super dry, but they look like an old lady's hands. Really. And they've looked like an old lady's hands since I was in kindergarten. Kids on the school bus used to make fun of me. One time a dermatologist pulled his magnifying glasses down and said 'WOW, you're hands are WWWWEEEIIIIRRRDDD'. Every time I go in for a manicure I get asked what I do for a living (the nail techs are generally shocked to find out that I don't work in construction) and am scolded for not using hand lotion (oh, if they only knew).

I have kind of a complex about my hands. I've stopped wearing rings. I don't paint my fingernails. I resist holding hands with boys or girls or even children for that matter.

ANYWAY, the combination of uber-dry skin, uber-wrinkly hands and uber-dry-slash-freezing-cold weather leads to a problem: cracks in my skin. Eww. Gross. I know. But they hurt and they just get worse and worse and worse unless you can remedy them as soon as they form.
A long time ago my Dad suggested the following trick: Super Glue the cracks together. Stay with me now. I know that the warning label on Super Glue specifically says 'bonds skin in seconds' and that when you use Super Glue you're generally focused on NOT gluing your skin together. But trust me, this is a MIRACLE for cracks in your skin. When you see a crack forming under your nail, just pop out the super glue and fill it in. The super glue is water resistant and will generally last for a couple of days - long enough for the crack to start to heal properly. And, the crack stops hurting immediately, which is a bonus. (I obviously wouldn't recommend doing this on a crack that is bleeding or inflamed or infected. Use your best instincts here).
Look for ORIGINAL SUPER GLUE. It works the best. And I like the size pictured above because it's easy to carry around in your purse and the container is a good design that won't dry out or spill as you haul it around all winter. And the best part is that you can find the two pack in this size at the Dollar Store!