McDonalds Taro Pies-YUM

Taro Pies are back! They made an appearance in 2005 and are now back on Oahu and the Big Island. I had no idea what they tasted like, but had heard that in Hawaii and Asia, the McDonalds have regional flavors of pies.

We spotted a McDonald's drive through and immediately bought a couple for everyone. They had a gentle sweet flavor - and I hate to say it but "kinda like poi", but in a good way! It's not very often that you get something exciting and exotic at McDonald's.

The next day we were in the Kona Walmart which had a McDonald's inside it. I ran right up and ordered 20. Their jaws dropped (they thought I was an insane tourist). They were sorry, but they only had 13. I took them all and did not look back. Hey they were cheap too - 2 for $1.49 and I have no idea when I'm going to get them again, so enjoyed them while we could.