Hello Lover!

Prada Scalloped d'Orsay Pump

I just bought these shoes. I have been drooling over them since the September 2008 Vogue hit the newsstands. Just like I drooled over last year's Prada Vernice Sfumata Mary Janes. And I put the same rule into place as I did with the Mary Janes. If I went to Prada or Barney's and they had my size, it was meant to be. And I went to Barney's in Chicago, but they didn't have the exact right version of the shoes. And I went to Prada in Chicago and they didn't have the exact right size (it was so close though!!).
The problem is that these shoes are just as gorgeous in person as they are on the pages of Vogue. And when I put them on I knew it was meant to be even though TECHNICALLY my rule had been broken. But just like Goldilocks I kept trying to find one that was JUST RIGHT. And after two weeks of searching, Kate at Prada in Chicago is shipping them to me today.
I guess the new rule is that if they exist SOMEWHERE in my size it was meant to be. AAAAAHHHH, hello lover. Yes, you and I were meant to be...


Lindsay said...

Those shoes are lovely. I am excited for you!