Chicago Part III - MADONNA!

So, now onto the REAL reason we went to Chicago... the one and only Madonna.

Our tickets were for row 20, on the floor, not bad. But, once we got there, we saw that the stage was configured to go all the way out onto the floor. So, we actually had 3rd row seats! Lucky for us she spent most of her time out on the end of the stage.

This is us before the concert. Since we forgot our camera, we only had the iPhone and the dudes behind us didn’t really seem too pleased when we asked them to take this.

The concert was tons of fun. She sang songs from her newest album, as well as some old favorites such as “Like a Prayer.”

I was pleasantly surprised that it was not as dirty as past concerts I’ve seen her do. It was divided into four acts: Pimp, Old School, Gypsy and Rave. And each costume revealed how amazing she looks. I mean, come on, she looks better at 50 than most people do at 20.

Once she came on stage we immediately regretted the French fries we just consumed at the concession stand.


Kate said...

you took those pics on your phone? They are great! And yes, she looks fantastic. She is crazy in shape. I am very jealous that you got to go and be in the 3rd row!

Janaan said...

Sorry, to clarify, the Madonna pictures were pulled from elsewhere. The picture of us is from the iPhone.

Lindsay said...

I had no idea Madonna is the reason you went to Chicago! I am so jealous!

She's hot!