Camp Bark a Lot

Soon we are going on a much needed family vacation for a week. While we like traveling, we get very worried and anxious about what to do with our dogs - the Cheaping Girls have three doggies. They are pampered and spoiled and can be very bad dogs when we leave them (they like to punish us by leaving "sneaky pee's" in spots all over the house.)

Our groomer suggested Camp Bark a Lot in Salt Lake City. This facility is 9,000 square feet, provides lots of play time for the dogs and even separates the big dogs from the little dogs. We checked it out and it looks like such fun for the pooches. The last time we left them at a standard kennel they did not eat for the whole week. Since then we hire full time sitters for them at home. This look promising but since we've already found "doggy sitters", maybe next time...

Looks better than elementary school phys ed!