Latest Obsession: Drape Front Cardigans

My obsession for this look in sweaters borders on compulsive. I have stopped from buying them this week, but if I run into one in a color I don't have yet - I just might have to get it!

I'm going to call them drape front cardigans - but my DKNY one is called "cozy" on their website. I don't really like that name - it sounds a little "grandma-ish". I kinda don't like to be called grandma either. I make my granddaughter call me "Gi Gi" (pronounced Gee Gee). It has a "g" in it and it seems so much more fun. ANYWAY... I love this drape front cardigan look because it hides my tummy and can be worn with skinny jeans to camouflage the other stuff I might want to camouflage.

Newport News - on sale $49.00

Kohl's Simply Vera Wang - on sale $48.00

This is my magnum opus find: DKNY for $298 but I found it at Ross for $34.99! Can you believe it?! I bought it in black and grey and still saved money.

These shorter type drape front are fun too. This is from Anthropologie for $249.00

This one is from Newport News - on sale for $19.00. It's another "kinda like Anthropologie" find that we Cheaping Girls love to pick-up.

Another lovely option from Anthropologie - $98.00

Note from Natalie: Don't you just love all of my commentary on Mom's posts? I love these cardigans too because they can function as a sweater AND a scarf. I travel to San Francisco a lot and these have become a staple for my trips. If it's a bit warm, wear it open. If you're outside in a breeze, wrap it around you like a pashmina. These also work great for bundling up on planes because we all know that airplane blankets are GROSS.


Kate said...

That last one is soooo cute.