Jacket Obsession

Yeah I have my obsessions. BUT, I'm trying to get more control (quality and quantity control).

The past few winters I have loved wearing jackets almost every day. I find most days I don't even need a heavy coat over them and I live in a fairly cold climate in Utah. Although, I don't actually spend a lot of time outdoors, mainly just rushing from one heated place (i.e. my car) to the next (i.e. the mall.)

I found a few cute ones for this season to share with you for great prices.

I love the collar details on this one from Target and it comes in one of my favorite colors - Mustard Yellow - 3/4 Sleeve Wool - 39.99. I like 3/4 length sleeves in the winter because you get the warmth and you can still show off all your cute bracelets. It's a shame to have them hidden with long sleeves.

Target Boucle Houndstooth Jacket - 29.99

Target Double Breasted Jacket - 29.99

This one would be great for the holidays - Target Bubble Sleeve Jacket - $16.99

Target French Terry Bubble Jacket this comes in green too!- I like the length on this type of jacket, it's a nice change from the short ones - 39.99

I like this one from the George line at Walmart - 29.82. It's quite traditional, but you could modernize it with the right accessories. I wear most of these with jeans anyway.

This denim jacket from Forever 21 - 29.95 is something a little different for denim. Forever 21 is the "king" of jacket suppliers. Their website does not do justice to what is in their stores. They run small though - so we broader gals have to be careful there. H & M might be the "queen" of jackets and coats - but you never know. Sometimes they don't have a good selection and their website is not reflective of what is there. Just take your chances when can get to the store.

This is my latest purchase from the Vera Wang line at Kohl's - 61.60 on sale. Now that's a little pricey for me, but this has a very cute fit and the color is so unusual kinda browny maroon and I have some great shoes that will match - wahoo!