Hurry on Down to Dollartree for Your Man

I was in Dollartree at lunchtime today and ran into a hot deal. AND, get this, the hot deal is for the GUY in your life (I know, shock and awe. Deals for men are so hard to find...). I guess this deal only applies if the guy in your life is like my guy, the MWM.

You know, come to think of it, he's more than just an MWM to me. So he's no longer the MWM, he's now Stetson - a cowboy with individuality that can't be tamed or fenced in, with a style that telegraphs who he is without saying a word, and confidence that comes from knowing there's nothing he can't handle. It's a state of mind. Yep. That's my man.

Anyhoo, the point is, Stetson likes boots, specifically cowboy boots. Because of this, he likes his socks TALL, you know, "sittin' tall in the saddle" tall. Last week he had a minor breakdown because all of his Christmas socks had holes in them. So he just ran out the door to JC Penney and promptly boughta dozen socks for $150. Now, a Cheaping Girl has a little more patience than that (I like to delude myself that I do anyway). I would have waited until a sale and then added a coupon, etc.

He should have been more patient. Today I saw these babies at Dollartree. He could have had 150 pairs of socks for the price of a dozen! Lucky for him he has me looking out for him and now he has 10 bonus pairs and I'm sure that more will appear in his Christmas stocking...

Gold Toe Auro Socks at Dollartree - $1.00