For the Love of Scarves

I love scarves. Since the first pashmina appeared in all my vapid fashion magazines in the 90's I have been collecting all kinds of scarves. I even was lucky enough to have a genuine pashmina that cost hundreds at one time, but tragically I left it on a plane one day. I have not forgiven myself for that idiotic lapse and as punishment I don't buy the super expensive scarves because I can't be trusted. I love to use them as a splash of color and they provide a finished look to casual or dressy clothing.

Scarves are a trendy accessories for the fall too. The NY Times recently posted an article on scarves that said, "They have been resurrected not as throat warmers but as something that can be added to a dressed-down look like a V-neck T-shirt and jeans to give it a dressed-up flash. 'Without a doubt, it’s one of the biggest accessories this season, if not the biggest,' said Dan Peres, the editor of Details. 'You see it everywhere from the haughtiest fashion lines to the street. You don’t get a spectrum like that too often.' "

I always keep an eye out for deals on scarves. The best place to find them is on Canal Street in NYC, but how often can you get there? In town, they are often on clearance. A couple of weeks ago we found these very beautiful gradiated color scarves at K-Mart for only $2.00 (online they are listed as $2.99.)

Of course we bought one in every color. has a great variety of scarves to choose from. It's a great place to start your collection.


Natalie said...

Similar to the drape front cardigans, a pashmina is an EXCELLENT travel companion, because airplane blankets are GROSS. You can shove a pashmina in your bag without weighing it down and its great for a freezing cold air conditioned hotel ballroom, a breezy walk to the bar after your meeting, a breezy walk back to the hotel after the get my point. I also recommend looking for Bijoux Turner stores. They have scarves in every color under the rainbow - all for $15. And - they are often in airports!

zobars said...

wow 2$ scarves are the best for me too and my sister would love them as well. Great tip.

miss t said...

you girls are dead on...I read somewhere that the blankets don't get washed that often & I hate to think about where they have been! I have a wonderful friend who "gifts" pashminas the way I gift clutches, so in cheapinggirl tradition, convince a friend to gift these out. Nordstroms has them discounted to $89.90, down from their $109 price