Coat Obsession

While we're on the subject of my obsessions, I also love love love coats, even if I don't wear them enough.

Because I'm an empty nester now, there are lots more empty closets at my house to fill with coats. If they are not too heavy - I don't take them off and wear them like a jacket all day.

Forever 21 - 37.80

Forever 21 - 44.80

Target - 129.99 - Color is called "Roman Seaport" - Cool name! Cute fur collar!

Target Party Coat (reversible) - 89.99 - Reversible!

Walmart To the Max Trench - 49.99 - This is from Walmart's new To the Max Line. It's a little higher priced than George, but seems to have some more fashionable details. The shape of these sleeves makes this coat appealing to me.

Walmart George Trench - 28.00 - Great price!