Chicago - Part I

This weekend we spent three jam packed days in the Windy City. And it lived up to it's name.

This is a special post for a certain Chicago businesswoman who showed us a great time while we were in town. You asked where we got our purple patent leather bags. Here’s your answer:

Sometimes when we all travel together, it starts to look a bit silly. That is because not only do we all have matching suitcases (the result of an amazing Ogio employees only sale) but we all carry the same carry on bag too – The Palazzo Tote from Crate and Barrel. We love these patent leather totes for several reasons. The first is that they don’t get dirty even after being schleped through airport after airport. All they really need is a quick cleaning with a damp cloth if you happen to spill something on them. Like say, the mustard dripping from your delicious Chicago Dog.

Another reason we love them is their size. They are the perfect fit for magazines, laptops, water bottles, pashmina, and bags of Garrett’s Popcorn. These little babies are so useful; we’ve even taken them hiking before. We have them in both the black/cream combination, as well as the deep purple color.
They are currently on sale for $24.95 and if you happen to be in Chicago, there’s a Crate and Barrel right on Michigan Avenue.


Kate said...

You take them hiking? I can totally picture that :-) They are great though, i may have to pick one up...or buy it online. Sad. We need a Crate & Barrel in Utah