Chicago Part II - Black is the New Black

While strolling along Michigan Avenue - feeling all cosmopolitan and all, Natalie made us take a little diversion to walk through Barney's New York. Natalie worships Barney's because everything in there is wonderful and beautiful and stylish and fanciful and is its own form of art.

We had no intention of buying anything (well, Natalie probably did, she also takes a weird pride in having a Barney's charge card), but then we saw this little number and we HAD to have it - Lipstick Queen's Black Tie Optional lip gloss! (See "Shine On" post for more on this wonderful brand of lip gloss).

Black Tie Optional can be worn alone, or over pretty much any color to add a little something something to it. It reminds us of Clinique's Black Honey lip gloss, which we absolutely worshipped back in the day, but sadly, was discontinued a few years ago. (P.S. Black Honey still comes in an Almost Lipstick, but not a gloss.)

So we were feeling all ahead of everyone, but on the way home Janaan was reading Allure and came across an article about the "Blackout" trend. According to Allure:
The Blackout trend is becoming more ubiquitous. Yves Saint Laurent and Kat Von D are launching lip glosses in the shade; Philosophy Black Licorice shower and bath gel smells like Good & Plenty (and looks like motor oil); and both Archipelago Botanicals Black Forest candle and Bulgari's new scent, Jasmin Noir, come in jars and bottles that would be right at home on any goth's dressing table. Experts say the shift to the dark side can be traced to culture - pop and otherwise. "Films like The Dark Knight and Iron Man feature superheroes with both good and flawed sides", says Erin Laubenheimer of the Color Association of the United States, a forecasting firm. "These sorts of products are another way to find beauty in the dark as well as in the light."

We really don't have deep thoughts on this trend other than to say that Barney's only had 3 boxes of Black Tie Optional gloss left and we snapped them up. We've been wearing it for days and, well, good or evil, it's just fantastic.