Chicago Eats!!

Alright alright. I KNOW. I am SO BEHIND on my posts. Better late than never, right? Right?? Cool. Thank you. Here is a wrap up of all of the tasty tasty tasty food we ate on our trip to Chicago.

Our first stop was Table 52, which was suggested by the Fabulous Miss T and my friend Kim. This Southern Style Restaurant is owned and operated by The Oprah's own chef, Art Smith.

Note: This picture DOES NOT do these biscuits justice....

Since it takes about a month to get in, we called right away and made a reservation for lunch(dinner was booked out even further). We must say, this place did NOT disappoint. The restaurant is very small and very charming. As reported to us by Miss T, when you sit down you are greeted by Chef Smith's Goat Cheese Drop Biscuits, fresh baked in a wood fire oven. They are absolutely delicious. Luckily you can find the recipe on And if you're Mom and Janaan, you might actually bake these someday. I'm just planning to go to Chicago to eat them again. All of our entrees were delicious and we highly recommend the macaroni and cheese and creamed corn side dishes as well as the hummingbird cake dessert. Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about that creamed corn...MOVING ON!

You can't go to Chicago without trying a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. A good friend of mine introduced me to Lou Malnati's pizza a few months ago and in my opinion this is the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. We ate at the Lincoln Park location, which is very small and very charming. This pizza is crispy and fresh and absolutely delicious. Mom actually said "I think this is the pizza of my dreams". I recommend ordering a simple sausage or pepperoni pizza, deep dish, with the butter crust and extra tomato sauce. Luckily you can order Lou Malnati's pizza online and eat it anytime (although I'm told by my friend it just isn't the same as getting it fresh out of the oven). Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking about that butter crust....MOVING ON!

On Monday we met up with Janaan's friend (who P.S. works in the most amazing office right on Michigan avenue) for lunch at Bandera, which seemed a heckuva lot like Houston's. And well, turns out it is owned by the same restaurant group as Houston's. Houston's is one of my favorite places to lunch. In addition to Houston's classics like spinach artichoke dip and shredded lime chicken salad with peanut dressing (probably my most favorite salad ever), Bandera has the yummy Macho salad (chicken/avocado/dates/almonds/goat cheese) and yummy yummy yummy corn bread. Man, my mouth is watering just thinking about that corn bread....LET'S MOVE ON SHALL WE?

We made sure to get to the airport early enough to check out a couple more Chicago eats. First stop was for a Chicago Dog. I love love love a Chicago dog and usually get one when I pass through O'Hare. A classic Chicago dog includes: fresh tomato wedges, neon relish, diced onions, kosher dill pickle wedge, celery salts and sport peppers. MAN, I COULD REALLY GO FOR A HOT DOG RIGHT NOW... AND FINALLY...

I was passing through the Midway airport one time and the scent of fresh popcorn was everywhere. I followed my nose to Garrett Popcorn and promptly made myself sick on cheddar cheese and carmel popcorn. Garrett Popcorn is one of The Oprah's favorite things and now they have a new store in the O'Hare airport too. We bought a couple of small bags of cheddar cheese and carmel corn. Then we went to the Admiral's Club and downed them, making a huge delicious mess in the process (we totally cleaned it up). When we found out our flight was delayed 30 minutes we quickly ran down and grabbed a couple more bags to eat on the plane...I mean, to bring home as treats...