I traveled to my company headquarters in Redwood Shores, California this week. All day yesterday and all day today was spent inside of a conference room eating sad, catered food. Here, I wrote a Haiku about it:
Corporate America
Soulless food for lunch.
People will eat anything.
You can taste despair.
Thank god my friend Piero had invited me out to lunch on Wednesday. I was told 'we're going to get THE BEST Mexican food...and it's inside a grocery store'. I was totally intrigued and I was NOT disappointed. On Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008, I had the BEST.TACO.EVER. at the Chavez Supermarket in Redwood City. It consisted of a fresh, homemade corn tortilla, the yummiest yummiest yummiest carne asada beef, two kinds of salsa and some beans. OMG. The thought of that taco has carried me through the last two days of dry breakfast pastries and chicken salad sandwiches.
Turns out, there are several Chavez Markets throughout the Bay Area. If you live there or are visiting, I highly recommend stopping in for lunch.


Kate said...

I always love a haiku, but I'm sad that the best taco ever isn't in SLC.