'Ugg'-ish Boots

Walmart is featuring an "Ugg" style boot (I use the term loosely) this fall.

When I saw them I remembered reading a blurb in a magazine about how Pamela Anderson did not realize her Ugg boots were sheepskin (she is famous for being an animal rights advocate). Well, Pam here you go! These are definitely not real sheepskin or real anything else! But they are very cute and will be great this winter to wear around the house and to take out the garbage and recycling.

They come in many colors (I picked up the bronze) and are are an unbelievable $12 a pair! These boots are not on the Walmart website yet, (side note: I really wish Walmart had a better website) but they seem to be located at all of the Walmart's I've been to. Don't ask me how many Walmart's I've been to in the last couple of weeks. Seriously, don't.