Sabon NYC

This morning I smell deliciously like coconut and vanilla and my skin is oh so soft. This is all due to the exceptional bath and body products that I picked up in NYC from Sabon NYC. All of the products are made using time-honored remedies based on the finest natural ingredients. The company was started in Israel and the body scrubs are made with Dead Sea salt crystals and drenched in macadamia, almond and soy bean oils.

I wasn't originally planning on purchasing anything, we popped in because A) we were killing time before meeting friends for dinner and 2) it was air conditioned and we needed to cool off. But the minute we walked in, their adept sales girl offered us to opportunity to sample their products. In the center of the store was a large and very cool copper sink. She had us wash our hands; scrub them with the salts and then lotion up. Afterwards, my hands felt so silky smooth that I was sold. The icing on the cake? Everything was an extra 25% off. Sold! I picked up body scrub and butter cream.