Prepare to be Ooged-Out

BODY WORLDS 3 is coming to Salt Lake City. This is a first-of-its-kind exhibit where visitors learn about anatomy, physiology and health by viewing REAL human bodies (preserved through plastination.)

BODY WORLDS 3 & the Story of the Heart features more than 200 authentic human specimens including whole body plastinates, organs, translucent body slices, and a special presentation on the heart.

We are getting tickets today. Some things are just too creepy to pass up.


Natalie said...

I saw this in Dallas last fall. It's pretty interesting, but I would recommend going towards the end of the run. We went on the opening weekend and the crowds were heinous.

Kate said...

I totally want to go to this! I've heard all about it and while i'm a bit grossed out i still want to go. I will certainly take Natalie's advice and go later on in the run.

Lindsay said...

We went a couple of years ago when a similar exhibit was in Seattle. It is truly fascinating. But definitely better without the crowd--it allows you a better chance to really look at the bodies.

I was afraid it would smell but their was no smell at all!