Pencil Skirt

Call me old fashioned, but I like the basic staples (see my little black dress post). In the September issue of In Style they featured a leather pencil skirt that I have to get my hands on ASAP. It's not available online, so I'm heading to my nearest Ann Taylor Loft to check it out.

Leather Pencil Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft - $149

Fabric Pencil Skirt, Ann Taylor Loft - $69.00

Newport News has some great pencil skirts in a beautiful array of colors - $39.00

Note from Natalie: A well-cut-flatters-your-butt pencil skirt can be hard to find, so if you need one and you find one, pick it up! Last summer I was on a quest for a black pencil skirt and searched for weeks at all of our haunts. I finally found a great one at the Theory outlet in Austin, Texas. It was only $115 (this is a great price for Theory). Then a couple of weeks later I found a brand new black pencil skirt from The Gap at Plato's Closet for $8! I don't know what point of this story is really. Just wanted to share...


Kate said...

I LOVE my pencil skirt. i'm a rather "curvy" girl and i feel great in it.

miss t said...

love, love, love the post on pencil skirts.