An Open Letter

Dear Miss T,
I’m not sure if I should love you or hate you for introducing me to Halal on 53rd and 6th. After eating the delectable lamb gyro with white and a little bit of red sauce twice on our trip, I now desire it constantly.

And the Greek Souvlaki place around the corner just won’t satiate my cravings. Looks like another trip to NYC is in order.

Hungry in SLC,

P.S. I looked up the term Halal and in reference to food it means, "Adherents to this philosophy maintain that in order for food to be considered halal, it must not be a forbidden substance and any meat must have been slaughtered according to traditional guidelines set forth by the Sunnah, known as dhabiĥa. This is the strictest definition of Halal."


Kate said...

That looks SOOOOOO good! Who is Miss T?

Miss T said...

Hi Janaan! Pleased to meet you! I definitely need to make a trip out to Salt Lake to visit you are always welcome to stay at my place in Santa Monica, though it living qtrs are tight.
The Halal cart is YUMMY! I took a friend there and he insisted on eating there everyday. I have a craving for it right now just looking at your photos.
I <3 NY!!!!
You girls write the wittiest and creative blog. Because of your ladies advice, I ventured into Walmart to pick up the thong sandals...and had other friends snapping them up too, at $3/pr! Keep up the good work and keeping me informed on looking fashionable while saving gozillions of money.

Marni said...

Janaan, do you gals have a cute button that I could put on my blog? I tell people about your blog and they try to look for it in a button on my blog. Let me know if you have or get one.