Looking Forward to Winter

Several years ago, Daily Candy featured a story about traditional Russian boots called Valenki. These boots are made of felt and were national footwear in Russia, worn by peasants, military and even members of the tsar family. Valenki resist the temperature down to 40 degrees C below zero. Immediately I thought they were cool and different from the typical winter boots you find at REI.

I kept procrastinating my purchase as they were a titch expensive and I never REALLY needed boots that could withstand that kind of cold. When I got a job working in Park City, I regretted not buying them. Let’s face it, winters in Park City last nine months and parking lots are NEVER EVER plowed. I knew this was my moment. I NEEDED those boots for practical purposes! They were so practical that I might even be able to justify them coming out of our joint household checking account! But, when I went to buy them, the website was down and the company had gone out of business. Sob! 

Well, I have never forgotten about those boots and even though I no longer work in Park City, while perusing the Interwebs last week, I decided to once again take up the search for Valenki felt boots. And I found them! RusClothing.com has them and, bonus, they are a little bit less expensive than the original retailer I looked at. Which is good, since I probably will have to pay for them myself.

You can get the plain grey or get a pair with cute flowers. I personally am going with the original style. Hard to believe I will actually be looking forward to snow now.


Kate said...

OMH!! I love them! I'm getting a pair. I still work in PC and will live there soon :-) That's good enough right? How does the sizing work?