Happy Yellow Blerg!

While one of us was sight-seeing in New York (do happening upon a random street fair, silver Tory Burch ballet flats for $99 at Century 21, a delicious $7 meal at Miss-T's recommended street cart at the corner of 53rd & 6th, or eating at Grey's Papaya at 4:00am ring a bell for anyone? Hmmm? HMMM????), the rest of the Cheaping Girls (with HUGE help from the MWM, who seems to have developed some sort of Herculean strength...must be from carrying shopping bags...) moved Natalie's stuff out of storage and into her new digs! Woo Woo!
Janaan spotted this this yellow blerg sideboard from IKEA a few weeks ago and Natalie fell in love with it and thought it would make a fabulous TV stand for her new place.

But falling in love with blerg at IKEA is a far cry from having a finished piece. There is, in fact, always a sense of dread when we fall in love with IKEA blerg. Look, here is the deal, when you buy blerg, you pay for it in labor. You pay for it when you haul the 150 pound boxes from the Self Serve Area to the check stand. You pay for it when you haul the 150 pound boxes up two flights stairs to the loft (yes, the MWM did this on his own while we stood by in awe) and you especially pay for it when it comes to the assembly of the blerg. This particular piece of blerg took three of us, 2.5 hours to assemble. Oh yes, we enjoyed our quality assembly time very much. We learned new creative profanity and how to be loving, kind, and patient, all while wanting to stick a sharp object in your eye. But the end result was so worth it!!
AAANNNDDD even The Oprah agrees! After all of our hard work we were very excited to see our choice featured in the Fall edition of O at Home magazine on her "homelist" section. Once again, Janaan is SSSOOO ahead of Oprah! Just kidding, we love The Oprah.

The IKEA Happy Yellow Blerg Sideboard (all right, it's really called the Trollsta Sideboard) is $349 and Comes in Yellow or Black.

And what are all of these references to blerg? Well, blerg is defined by the urban dictionary as: "Most commonly used in the same context as "oh, damn". Used to express frustration, anxiety, depression, etc. Occasionally the second syllable is prolonged to demonstrate any emotion in an extreme fashion."

On 30 Rock, one of our very very favorite TV shows, Liz Lemmon is always saying 'blerg'. To make a long story short (too late), there is a very funny episode where Liz is trying to build a desk for her home office, and the desk is OBVIOUSLY from IKEA, but instead of being branded IKEA, it is branded "BLERG". At the end of the show, Liz Lemmon is asleep on the floor with the half-completed blerg desk being propped up by a wadded up wedding dress.

Since we saw that 30 Rock episode, we call everything at Ikea "blerg". Here, I'll use it in a sentence: "I'm going to IKEA to buy some blerg and some rancid meatballs".

Oh Tina Fey, you are a genius...


Pam said...

Really folks - I scanned the picture and that's about it. Nat's the writer and she is spectacular.

Miss T said...

gorgeous piece!