Finn's Café

I love breakfast. It's probably one of my favorite meals of the day. Our new Saturday morning ritual (for winter, since it's going to get dreary and we'll want to just eat and eat) is to go out for a yummy breakfast at a different place each time. A great resource to find new places to go in Salt Lake City, can be found here: Salt Lake Magazine's Ultimate Breakfast Guide. We hope to try all of them.

Last Saturday, the Girls and I headed to Finn's Café where they are famous for their Scandinavian hash. Finn's has been around since 1950, but we have never been there. The food was simple, delicious and the portions were perfect. We didn't leave feeling overstuffed.


Lindsay said...

Maybe you've already found it, but we love to visit the Blue Plate Diner in Sugarhouse when we are visiting. Yummy homestyle breakfast in a cool little diner!

In the summer they have outdoor seating.