Blowout with Less Damage

I have meant to do a post about my hair dryer for quite some time. It was the winner of In Style best beauty buys 2008 and is featured in many beauty magazines consistently. It's an Infiniti Tourmaline Ionic Styler available online or at your local Walmart for less.

What makes this hair dryer so great? Well, for one, it dries your hair fast. Two, it dries it with less frizz. Back in the day when I traveled "heavy" with two large suitcases (oh those were the days my friends) I could get my hair dry and smooth in a jiffy, even in climates with lots of humidity.

Alas, now we live in the day of strict luggage rules and I sometimes have to leave it home in order to make room for more important items, namely shoes to match any mood that might strike me while on vacation. When I do this and don't bring my super fantastic dryer, I have to suffer with the under performance of hotel dryers. Why, oh why are they so wimpy? Are there no women designers of hotel bathrooms? Which leads one to muse on why so many bathrooms in America do not have enough plugs and public restrooms do not have enough stalls (think arenas for sports events, concerts and live theater). Do you ever see a line forming at the men's restroom? Rarely. Women unite! Let's encourage our daughters to become architects! Oh I digress.

So, if you are in the market for a new hair dryer, this one is inexpensive and still offers many of the same qualities found in higher-priced versions. It's darn well worth lots more!


miss t said...

I'll have to try this blow dryer. it takes me a good 30-45 minutes to get most of my hair dry before my arms get tired. I'm excited to see what this can do. I've been doing research on these & was going to use a connection to buy a $100 dryer (50% from $200 since my sis-in-law's mom is a stylist) ever since I decided to grow out my hair...but if this one can do the job, why drop that kind of money when I don't have to? Thanks Pam!

Kristi said...

Perfect! I am in the market for a new blow dryer. I need one with LOTS of power, too. And with a recommendation from you, I know it must be a great one. Thanks!