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Hi Everyone!!

I am so so excited that my friend 'The Girl with the Curly Hair' has agreed to do a post on the fabulousness of her curls and how she makes them happen! 'The Girl with the Curly Hair' has actually done my hair before, and I must say, she made the most of my waves and I have been using her recommended products and process ever since.



I am The Girl with Curly Hair. Here’s a pic to prove it:

My mother and father had curls and so I was destined to have a mane of waves. For years and years, I fought my curls. I didn’t know what to do with my hair, how to appreciate the curl and so instead I turned against my own head. And the results were bad. Very very bad. I have pictures from 5th grade to senior year which can show just how bad it was. (I would show you, but I’ve burned all evidence of those days.)

As I got into college, started reading more beauty magazines, stopped going to Cost Cutters and started to go to a real salon and I started to learn how to better appreciate and work with the hair I had. Over the years, I have learned how my hair likes to be styled, and I am now at a point in my life where I can confidently say that I love my hair and truly enjoy my curls.

I was asked by the Cheaping Girls to share my process for getting perfectly curled hair, so I’m going to share a few tips/tricks with you.

1) The first thing I would say is there is no such thing as perfectly curly hair- your goal should be to enhance the curl you have. It doesn’t matter if you have a tiny bit of wave or extremely curly hair- rock what you have and enhance the curl within.

2) You need to understand the texture of your curly hair- is it fine or course? This makes a big difference in the type and amount of product you need. Also, do you have a lot of hair or just a normal amount? The key to picking the best product is knowing first what kind of a foundation you are starting with. Figure out your hair type here:

3) A good hair cut is important. Can you make your curly hair look excellent without? Yes, but it will only look that much better if you do get a good cut. A big thing with having curly/wavy hair is balance- you need to have the right layering. Nobody looks good with triangle hair (you know what I’m talking about- we’ve all ended up with it at one point in our life). It is worth it to pay money to go to a nice salon to get a good cut by a professional. As long as you seek out an experienced hair stylist who has been trained well and you’ve read positive reviews, the more you pay, most often the better your cut will be. I have paid $120 for just a hair cut before. And you know what, it really was the best hair cut I’ve ever had.

*NOTE: Do not rate a good hair cut by the way they style your hair when you leave the salon. I have walked out of many a salon looking like a train wreck because they are unfamiliar with styling my particular hair type, but after I style it, it looks great.

4) Never brush your hair! Brushing leads to frizz. Nobody likes frizz, nobody looks good with frizz. If you brush when you get out of the shower, you are merely relaxing the wave/curl out of your hair. If you are worried about tangles, use your fingers. Much more gentle and you always have 10 with you. One less thing to pack in the cosmetic bag.

5) Necessary tool #1- Diffuser. I recommend a European style diffuser. You can pick one up at your local beauty supply store for under $15.

If you are going to blow dry your hair (which I always do) you must must must use a diffuser. A diffuser breaks up the hot area and disperses it so that a larger area is being softly heated instead of a small area getting totally blasted. Diffuser help keep you from over drying your hair. Over dried = frizz.

6) Necessary tool #2- A good moisturizing conditioner. Curly/wavy hair is inherently dry. If you give it enough moisture through care and product it will be happy and style the way you want. If not, it tries to leave your head to find moisture- that is what frizz is. I really like Bumble & Bumble Super Rich Conditioner:

It is important to play around and find the right balance of moisture for your hair texture. I really recommend salon shampoos and conditioners. They last longer, smell better and if you don’t like them, you can exchange them for something else. Go to a salon/beauty supply store, ask for a moisturizing conditioner, take it home and try it out. If you don’t like it after a week, take it back and try a new one.

7) Necessary tool #3- The right balance of product. No one curly head is like another so you have to find a balance of product that works with the hair you have to give you the look you want. I like using a curl crème layered with a light mousse for my hair (I have a tight curl but a fine texture to my hair). I would actually recommend the combo of a crème layered with a mousse to anyone just starting out and trying to figure out what works for them.

Layering products can help you achieve the perfect look with your hair so long as you use the proper amount of product and that you understand the purpose of each product. Curl crème/lotions/etc are about helping define and create/enhance the curl. Mousses and gels are about hold. When you layer them together, you get nicely formed curls that are held together all day long.

There are so many good products out there, and a product’s performance is so dependent on the type of hair you have that you kind of have to do try and error to figure out what works for your hair. But as a starting point, here’s what I like:

Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious Crème

Clairol Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse
8) Once you have the tools and the right foundation, it’s all just a matter of putting it together in the right order. Here’s what I do:

a. Shampoo & condition in the shower (I only wash my hair a few days a week so it doesn’t get too dried out). When you get out of the shower, you want to gently dry your hair with a towel. DO NOT rub it with a towel- you want to pat/scrunch it with a towel. The idea is you don’t want to mess with the shape that your curls made after getting wet. The purpose of toweling is more to remove the excessive moisture not all moisture.

b. Apply curl crème through your hair. I typically put a blob of it in my hands and pull it through my hair like I’m pulling a ponytail together. I then work some additional crème into the middle parts.

c. After the crème, then I apply the mousse. I use claw clips to put my hair into sections (think of what they do when they cut or color your hair at a salon). I then use my hands to run small amounts of mousse throughout each section. I start with the back section, then the side sections, then the top (and I do that part from back to front). The equal distribution of the mousse is what really makes your hair end up looking more polished. The idea is to have it equal throughout your hair which takes away the opportunity to have the half crunchy/half dried out look.

d. Once the product is applied, then you blow dry. I know many people are against blow drying thinking it will damage the hair. If you only do it a few times a week and you are using a diffuser, that should not happen. Once you get out of the shower, the name of the game is wet to dry as fast as possible. The quicker you get from wet to dry, the less frizz there will be. I usually flip my head upside down and then move the blow dryer from side to side and back to front. The goal is to get all the hair drying at the same time, rather than completely dry one section at a time. As you are drying, if you notice some pieces of hair (typically the ends of the top pieces) starting to over dry, just dab a little bit of crème or mousse on them.

e. Once the hair is dry, I flip my head over and give my roots a quick little massage with my finger tips just to get the volume going and so it doesn’t look so set- so it looks natural. And voila! Ready to walk out the door.

If you’ve never had much of a process with your curly hair, it may take a bit of time to start styling it this way. But once you’ve done it a few times, it should only take 20 or so minutes. Contrary to popular belief, curly hair is not wash and wear. Beauty takes time - but it is SO worth it.

Good luck all you curly girls out there. And love the hair you have.

Yours Truly -
The Girl with the Curly Hair


Kate said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Awesome guest poster. After 29 yrs you'd think i'd be at the point where i love my curls...but i don't. I'm going to give all of this a shot and see!

KamilahNYC said...

Great post. As a curly hair'd person, I'd like to also add (moisturizing gel)
Changed my life.

Kate said...

Awesome! I couldn't have written it better myself. Curl Conscious creme is heaven sent.

Kate said...

Oh, I forgot to say.... a very good cheap curl cream is Sunsilk 24-7 Defrizz. Comes in a green bottle. I bought it once when I was out of town and desperate and I keep rebuying it. It works great.

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