Ask The Cheaping Girls - Part 3

Dear Cheaping Girls,
What does one do when shopping causes anxiety? Every time I go into a store, I feel like there is too much to buy, too little time, not enough money and how come I can't find the good deals like you can? Any simple suggestions to ease my anxious mind and still make me feel as fabulous as you do?
Please advise whenever!

-- Christina 'Shopaphobic' S.

The good news to come out of the fashion world lately is that you can make your personal style all your own -- following trends is optional. The bad news is that means that the amount of choices out there can be totally overwhelming. These tips are designed to help you narrow down all of those choices and most importantly, to make shopping fun!

Shopaphobic to Shopaholic Conversion Tip Three:
Try A Personal Shopping Service

I hate camping. I know deep down in the bottom of my heart that I will never, ever like camping. In fact, I don't even want to really TRY to like camping. And that's OK. And there are people out there hate shopping. You might never like shopping no matter what you try. And that is OK.
My friend Karen hates to shop. So, two times a year (generally spring/summer and fall/winter) she uses the Personal Touch shopping service at Nordstrom. She RAVES about it. In an more random note, I sat next to a really lovely woman on a flight from Orange County to Dallas and we were talking about how we liked each other's handbags and yada yada yada, turns out she used the Personal Touch service from Nordstrom, and she too was RAVING about it.

So, my next tip is to check out this service, especially if you're trying to build up a business wardrobe. The personal shopper at Nordstrom doesn't get paid and there is no additional cost added to the clothing. The shopper makes a commission on the clothes that you purchase. Karen (who is in sales herself) says that this service is by no means high pressure and that you can define your budget up front (this isn't just for high-rollers). The cool thing is that the shopper keeps track of everything that you buy so that they can tell you how a new purchase fits in with your existing wardrobe.
It generally starts with a brief interview with you to understand your sizes, lifestyle and the types of clothes you are looking for. You can meet with the shopper in store or over the phone. When you arrive for your appointment the clothes are waiting for you. Say, for example, you were looking for white T-Shirts and Jeans. When you arrive a rack of white T-shirts and jeans are waiting for you so you don't have to wander around the store. You just pop into a dressing room and go from there!
This service has been around for nearly 25 years and availability varies. I called the Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue in Chicago for you and was told that there is always someone available from Personal Touch at that location. +1 312-464-1515
Happy Shopping!



Miss T said...

I love your suggestion! I never thought to try this shopping service since I don't need any encouragement when it comes to shopping but since Nordys can be so overwhelming, I'm going to try this service next time....which may be soon since a Neimans store is opening nearby soon!
BTW, get on the Nordy special events booze, appetizers, and the store closes down for while you shop without having to deal with the normal crowds :)