My cute friend Sheridan just got home from two months in Europe (lucky gal). While talking about her fun purchases, she reminded me about a line of products I love.

While in England she scooped up some great products from LUSH. Are you all familiar with LUSH? Their products are made with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics, without animal ingredients. Everything smells yummy and many of their products come with an expiration date, that's how fresh they are.

The LUSH creative team has been working together since the late seventies. Their first store was in 29 High Street, Pooleand and after many twists and turns they now have 500+ shops around the world. So, if you're not lucky enough to go to England, soon, don't worry. They have stores all over the US and are sold online.

I love their great packaging.


Natalie said...

Just had to add my two cents. If you dig baths, the Lush bath bombs are the bomb. Heh. Get it? The bomb. But I digress...they have tons of different kinds and each has a lovely scent and leaves a little surprise at the end - flower petals, sparkles, beautifully colored water. Plus, it's kinda fun to watch them bubble up after you drop them in. Plus, they look lovely in a little tray next to your tub.

Kris said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog! You have a lovely blog!

I work in Oxford right across from a Lush store. I'm totally loving their products. The sea salt face scrub is so fab!

Cheaping Girls said...

Lucky! I would be in there all the time just taking in the delicious aroma that permeates through the store. Thanks for telling us about the face scrub. I'll have to try that next!