Little Black Dress

I am always on the lookout for the perfect "little black dress". I love to dress them up with accessories, scarves, jackets, bright colored shoes, etc. I love black. I think it's my favorite color (or is it absence of color? See:

I am close to making the decision to wear black all the time. I still have brown and grey going strong in my closet, but black is winning. I digress.

I started my quest for lots of black dresses about a year ago. Specifically, black dresses with a small cap sleeve. I have made a few mistakes. Sometimes catalog buying is tricky. Some are too big and some too small. But, with a few alterations I now have about 5 great little black dresses. I bought most from catalogs, because I could not find them at department stores very easily. I did buy a couple of Calvin Klein black dresses at TJ Maxx and Ross. He must do a lot of black dresses. Hooray for Calvin!

I came across this little number in the Newport News catalog - it said it was on sale for $39.00 and came in grey. I thought, "well I might try the grey." But alas when I went to the website they only had purple and black, but it was now $29.00.

If I had this body I would buy this dress! It has a built-in girdle so maybe.....I'm sure this has been airbrushed - no one has a curve in their back like that - I don't care how much Pilate's you have been doing! It's from Newport News catalog for $69.00.

This one is from Chadwicks Catalog for $39.99. I'm always against v-necks (I don't know why, its just an irrational fear). But, they are supposed to be slimming and elongating for us folks with squatty necks.

This is a cute little black dress that stands on it's own, but is not as versatile. It's from Chadwicks Catalog and it's 64% off - only $24.99.

Sometimes a longer dress is needed and this one is from JC Penney for only $69.00. Their website has a section for "Little Black Dresses".