Guest Slippers

Lately, wearing shoes in the house has really been ooging me out. I think about all the dirty places our shoes touch, like the bathroom floor. We always make sure to take our shoes off in the house, but what about guests? I don't really like when I have to take off shoes at other's houses because what if my toe nail polish is looking, dare I say, slightly less than perfect?

I was perusing through Martha Stewart's website and I saw this idea.

To combat this fear of awkwardness when having to take off your shoes, Martha recommends having a few pair of slippers in different sizes on hand, so that your guests can slip into those. When Oprah visited Tom Cruise in Telluride earlier this year, he had a custom pair of slippers waiting for her. It's an interesting concept. I'm really going to think about this one.

Image via Martha Stewart


Kate said...

That is a very interesting idea! I like it. I've always been a shoes off in the house person but it is hard if you aren't sure of the state of your toes or if you have a hole in your sock (which i know a cheaping girl would NEVER have!)

Jill said...

its so gross to me thinking about what we walk though, especially in the city. we kick our shoes off right at the door and have 'inside shoes'.

that slipper idea is fantastic. i think it comes straight from thai hospitality, they had soft slippers at the hotels to slip into as soon as you step onto the front porch. i felt pampered and i think a house guest would too.

Barb said...

I always take my shoes off in peoples homes.unless I know my shoes are cleaner than their houses ! and I appreciate it when people do it at my house..but its a touchy thing..some could probably get offended..I don't know..would we get to keep the slippers ? hee hee..barb

jan said...

Does anyone know where I can buy these slippers
? thank you