A Furniture Discovery

We love finding new places to shop. Our fabulous friend Kelly has been telling us to check out a furniture store called C.G. Sparks. We met up with Kelly for lunch and she gave us a coupon for an additional 10% off a 25% off sale. Woo! Woo! And we were finally in the market for some furniture. It was like the perfect storm.... So last Saturday we decided to check it out.

What we thought would be a quick pop-in turned out to be an exciting adventure and we ended up buying many lovely pieces. Knowing we had 35% off helped fuel our buying frenzy. This store carries a collection of Indian Antique and handmade furniture (all from government approved sustainable and reclaimed wood). We love the distressed quality and unique look of their pieces. These are definitely conversation starters. Everything in the store has personality as does the owner, who fell in love with this beautiful furniture while traveling in India as a florist.

We love their philosophy: "So much of today’s environment, in our home or office, is made by machine, chemicals, and computers that it is important to bring in something handmade into our environments to help create a balance. Rustic furniture can create a sophisticated experience if used in moderation. We don’t want to furnish your whole house we just want to add the ‘Gravy'."

C.G. Sparks 454 South 500 West Salt Lake City, UT 84101