Best Mascara Ever

All of the Cheaping Girls have watery eyes and we're not afraid to cry. Yonks ago, Mom discovered Max Factor 2000 Calorie Aqua Lash Mascara. And it is the best. mascara. ever. For a waterproof mascara, it doesn't get too clumpy when you apply it and it really lasts all day. It will last through a pretty good cry too. Anytime I have tried something different, I regret it and come crawling back to Max Factor. We were at a marketplace in Phoenix in February and found this for $2.00 a tube. My head almost exploded from the excitement. I won't tell you how many tubes I bought because that would just be too embarrassing. Mom, who just said out loud "I'm kind of a mascara spaz" says that she likes to add a coat of L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof mascara on top of the Max Factor for extra good measure. And I must admit, Mom's mascara always looks good! Trust the mascara spaz!


Ryan & Ashley Blair said...

I have been using Max Factor 2000 Calorie since I was in Junior High. Nothing else compares. And plus there are always great coupons in the Sunday ads.

Kate said...

I'll give it a try because I was sucked in by the cute orange packaging of a new cover girl mascara and it gave me conjunctivitis. I swear.