Ask The Cheaping Girls - Part 1

Hi Everyone!

This week's question comes from the lovely Christina, a fabulous friend who moved to Chicago and was recently stopped on the street by the Chicago Tribune to be interviewed about her fabulous shoes! But I digress... Look, here's the deal. This was officially the first Ask The Cheaping Girls question, but it was SO huge, SO mind blowing, that it has taken us three months to construct the answer, which I will be posting as a five part series this week.

So, my apologies to Christina for the LLLOOONNNGGG delay. I promise, we have really talked about this a lot, it just took a while to formulate the answer!!

Dear Cheaping Girls,

What does one do when shopping causes anxiety? Every time I go into a store, I feel like there is too much to buy, too little time, not enough money and how come I can't find the good deals like you can? Any simple suggestions to ease my anxious mind and still make me feel as fabulous as you do?

Please advise whenever!

-- Christina 'Shopaphobic' S.

The good news to come out of the fashion world lately is that you can make your personal style all your own -- following trends is optional. The bad news is that means that the amount of choices out there can be totally overwhelming. The tips this week are designed to help you narrow down all of those choices and most importantly, to make shopping fun!

Shopaphobic to Shopaholic Conversion Tip One: Pick a Style Icon

Over the last couple of years each of us has chosen a style icon to emulate. This has been helpful both in terms of helping build out our wardrobes and helping with decision making when we are out shopping.

When choosing a style icon, look for the following:

Someone in your general age range. For example, Mom is not trying to emulate Miley Cyrus.

Someone with your general body type. For example, I am not trying to emulate Madonna. Alright I am. Aren't we all?
Someone that fits with your general lifestyle. For example, if you don't like make-up application, vintage 50's glamour, or being in a dress 24x7, Dita Von Teese probably isn't the icon for you.

This can be someone fictional - like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Or someone real - like Sara Jessica Parker.

It can be someone from the past - like Jackie O.

Or someone from the future - like Scarlett Johansson's Character in The Island.

My style icons are Nicole Ritchie and Gwen Stefani. I like to dress up. I like to dress down. I like dresses with high high heels. I like big accessories. I like things a little funky. And, well, I'm apt to have a fashion 'don't' here and there because of it.

Janaan has been investing in blacks and greys and whites and long lean jeans and flats and asking, WWAW (what would Angelina wear)? Simple, classic, chic.

Mom has fallen in love with the fictional character Lily van der Woodsen - mom of Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl. Bold jackets. Rich fabrics. Lovely feminine details like eyelet sleeves. Fun but age appropriate.
Have some fun with this. Grab some tabloid magazines and tear them apart. Download pictures from the interwebs. The idea here is to find inspiration for your wardrobe and, more importantly to help narrow your choices down when you head out to shop. Ah. Anxiety averted.

Tomorrow: Tip Two - Up Front Research.




Kate said...

Awesome advice thanks so much! So Angie obviously loves those brown heels she is wearing in two of the pics. Any idea of the brand?

Janaan said...

Christian Louboutin. Probably a $700 pair of shoes. But at least she wears them a lot.

Kate said...

Do you think she will wear them 700 times though? ;-)

Lindsay said...

I totally have done this for years! I rip stuff out of magazines--outfits that I think are cute and then I make a list of the pieces that I would need to make the outfit.

Sometimes I shop for only those items and sometimes I happen upon things when looking for anything. It has really helped me to pull together my wardrobe and I do spend less money . . . or at least that's what I tell myself.