125 Best Supermarket Foods

I was a little slow getting ready this morning and was watching "Good Morning America". I have a little flat screen TV in my bathroom above the mirror - I try to have a TV everywhere I might be in my house! I love TV and I don't care what the experts say about what it does to your brain. But, I digress. They had a feature on the "125 Best Supermarket Foods". I'm always interested in healthy FAST prepared food. I have no time for cooking during the week and like to watch the scales.

Use this holy grail of a grocery list to toss together speedy, low-cost meals that satisfy cravings, help prevent heart disease and cancer, build muscle and bone, and help you stay on friendly terms with the bathroom scale.

See, TV's awesome.......

Go to http://www.womenshealthmag.com/nutrition/premium-packaged-foods


Janaan said...

I saw this, this morning too. Great ideas.